What is a custom designed Set of Eyelash Extensions?

Eyes are unique and beautiful. The shape of your eye and its varied features can guide your lash technician in choosing the best design when planning your set of eyelash extensions. Extensions can range in lengths, curves and weights and a good lash technician will always use your natural lashes, eye shape and features as a guide when choosing which type of extensions to use in your set.

Every set of eyelash extensions should use at least 4 – 5 lengths of lashes to achieve a symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing look no matter what design you choose.

Eyelash technicians usually work with the following most common designs (and various techniques) and apply them to different eye shapes and features. They may even have some of their own original designs up their sleeve as well! The looks can range from as thick or wispy as your natural lashes combined with your lash tech’s skill will allow.

Eyelash Extension Designs



Styling different Eye shapes


Round Eyes

A cat eye with lengths ranging from shortest to longest suit this eye shape immensely. adding a little sweep at the end by changing the direction of the extensions gradually elongates the eye rather than opening it up further


Almond Eyes

this eye shape suits every design for eyelash extensions, whether it be a cat eye for a sexy look, a doll eye to open up the eye, a natural eye that follows the natural lash line or an open eye which makes the eye look larger.


Cat Eyes

This eye shape of course is most flattered by the cat eye design. you can play it up by tightening the curl at the end to emphasise the lift of the corners, or use a softer curl to soften the look a little if you wish


Asian eyes

This eye shape can look beautiful with a cat eye but is lovely with a doll eye or open eye look that has length in the middle to open the eye so that it appears larger. Sometimes the hood may begin close to the inner eyelid and in these cases its better to start the extensions just after this point to prevent irritation. A tighter curl, while opening the eye further, can help with straight down pointing lashes which are usually a feature of Asian eyes.


Styling Different Eye Features

You may have any combination of these features with any eyeshape so they have to be considered also.


Hooded Eyes

This eye shape can be tricky, the best designs are cat eye or doll eye using a tighter curl that covers the hooded area and opens the eye. Both designs can cover where the hooded area is heavier.


Downturned Eyes

This eye shape suits a cat eye design and  requires the use of a stronger curl and longer length towards the outer eye but at the end tapering down quickly at the very corners to prevent droopy looking lashes and lift the corner of the eye. This variation of the cat eye is sometimes called kitten eye.


Close-Set Eyes

This eye shape suits a cat eye or kitten eye where all the length is on the outer edges to draw attention to the ends of the eyes. By sweeping the extensions toward the outside corners we also add emphasis to that area.


Wide-Set Eyes

This eye shape suits a natural eye look with longer lengths beginning quickly at the start of  the eye for an effect that draws attention to the inner corners rather than the outer.


Small eyes

Small eyes can be made to look larger with a doll eye  or open eye design as the length is all in the mid section of the eye which opens  it up beautifully.


Deep Set eyes

This eye feature requires tighter curls and longer lengths to lift the lashes and hide the sunken areas.


Protruding Eyes

This feature need a softer curl to close the eye a little with length towards the ends to create a longer eye rather than a wider one.  A wispy Cat eye or kitten eye would flatter most.


As you can see, good well-trained lash technician is a must. We are really artists who with skills and techniques (an artistic eye doesn’t go astray) create an optical illusion that enhances your eyes giving every client a customised, beautiful set of Eyelash extensions.

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