About Eyelash Extensions

APPLICATION Classic Lashes– One quality Xtreme lashes® Faux Mink extension is applied on to one natural eyelash with medical grade, long-lasting, hypoallergenic adhesive. Various sizes, thicknesses and curves are used to achieve beautiful, long, voluminous customised lashes applied by Liz, trained and certified by global leaders in the lash industry Xtreme Lashes®. Your extensions will look and feel natural and silky.


APPLICATION 3-4D Volume Lashes- 1 handcrafted light weight 2-5Dfan is applied to one natural lash

I practice safe sets, hygiene, quality and damage free lashes are my number one priority. Natural lashes will not be damaged by using the correct lengths and weights for you, techniques taught to only trained and certified technicians. Relaxing, casual, environment and friendly personalised service.


  • They can cut your make-up routine by up to 10 minutes!
  • Most Mascaras don’t deliver, eyelash extensions don’t run!
  • Wake up beautiful and still look great make-up free at the gym or beach
  • You can have the lashes you have always wanted with a customised look that suits you,  go glamorous or natural
  • Great for holidays where you don’t want to be bothered with too much routine but still want gorgeous, framed eyes
  • For that special occasion where you really want your eyes to pop
  • Sydney, Eastern Suburbs location, only minutes from the city

Xtreme Lashes®products used
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 On The Day of your Appointment

  • Please be on time.
  • Come make-up free as remving make-u takes up valuable lashing time.
  • Shower and wash hair on day of appointment as you cannot wet extensions for 4-24hrs.
  • There will be a 5-10 minute initial consultation to register you, discuss beauty routine, allergies and medical, the type of look want and aftercare.
  • Be ready to fall asleep, everyone does!


  • Do not wet eyelashes for at least 4-24hrs after application.
  • No saunas or excessive sweating during initial 24 hr period.
  • Make sure your cleansing and make-up routine products are OIL FREE as oil breaks down the adhesive faster.
  • A product not normally noticed which has oils is conditioner.  Try to rinse hair with head tilted back so that conditioner doesn’t touch extensions.
  • Try not to sleep on your extensions.
  • Clean your lashes as build-up of natural oils, shed skin and make-up can cause poor retention and infections.
  • Comb through lashes  after washing to shape them and prevent clumping, air dry or pat dry gently.
  • Do not rub your eyes vigorously or pick at your extensions as you can do damage to your natural lashes.

 Please be Aware

There are lash techs out there doing terrible work, using low quality products, techniques and with little or no training. You will get what you pay for. Make sure you do your research and check you’re technician’s work and credentials making sure they are trained and certified by reputable companies in the lash industry.

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Not my Work, glue and  lashes clumped together                          My Work, Lashes are separate and defined