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_Ellebana One Shot Lash Lift and Tint Lifts Lashes from the root, you can choose your curl, lasts 6-8 wks.Application time 30 min.Ham & Cheese CroissantSmoke Salmon & Cream Cheese Croissbefore-and-after_sm

NOTE-All infill prices are providing aftercare instructions have been followed. Expeccted retention is 40-50%. Full set recommended after 3-4 weeks depending on individual hair growth cycle. Eyelash Extensions can last up to 6weeeks  if properly looked after.

Allergic reactions are rare but may occur at any time even if procedures have been performed previously with no reaction. A patch test a few days before any service is recommended but is not 100%  indicative, allergy may still occur.


Extra Services

*Hybrid Lashes (classic vol mix)              160

*Express/Party Lashes (last 1-2 weeks)    60

*Lash Tint                                                      15

*Brow Tint                                                     15

*Quick brow clean-up (tweezers)               10

*Eyelash Extension Removal                       30

Removal time can take up to 30 minutes depending on how much glue is present which needs to be removed carefully. Lash base line and whole eye area is thoroughly cleaned after removal.



Eyelash Extensions and Eyelash Lift applied by a trained and certified professional will not damage your natural lashes. The utmost care, hygiene and best quality products are used at Lashed Up.  Please feel free to ask if you have concerns or questions prior to or during your appointment.